Vendor Single Interest (VSI)

BLANKET VENDORS SINGLE INTEREST INSURANCE (commonly known as VSI) is designed to protect the lender's interest only in their collateralized consumer installment loan portfolio.

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Guaranteed Auto Protection Plus (GAPP)

GUARANTEED AUTO PROTECTION PLUS (hereafter referred to as GAPP) is designed to protect both borrower and lender in the event a total loss occurs to the insured vehicle and there is a balance remaining after other insurance has, or would have, settled on the Actual Cash Value.

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Mortgage Interest Insurance Program (MIIP)

MORTGAGE INTEREST INSURANCE PROGRAM (commonly known as MIIP) is designed for the occasion when a financial institution discovers a piece of property where they hold the lien, or one that has been foreclosed, but proper insurance does not exist.

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Executive Insurance Agency was established in 1980 to serve the needs of financial institutions.  since then, our goal has always been to offer a variety of solutions for the changing needs, and exposures, of the industry.

As our list of clients grew, so did their diverse insurance requirements.  At Executive, we have focused our expertise, on a few solid products that will meet specific areas of need for most lenders.

Lenders call on us to help them protect their "Bottom Line".